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A non-profit child care society inspired by our little town and big mountains.



Curious Play

We believe play is the foundation of learning. We promote a fun, curious environment that embodies our local mountain spirit.



We build self-confidence through promoting opportunities for mastery and autonomy, including risky-play, in a supportive and safe environment. 



We lead by example to nurture empathy, inclusivity and celebrate our individual uniqueness.



We foster a spirit of collaboration and encourage collective problem solving, while building a sense of belonging to our group, local community and beyond.



We cultivate a love and respect of the natural world by spending time exploring our local outdoor spaces, and lead by example in showing the impact our individual, everyday actions have. We choose sustainable materials and encourage intentional and thoughtful use of resources to limit our waste.


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How do I get on the waitlist?

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately. our waitlist is closed due to the high number of registrations received.  If you would like to receive updates from us, including about our waitlist please enter your email at the bottom of this page. 
We do not have an estimated date for reopening the waitlist at this time.

How many spaces are there?

Wild Wapiti Playschool will be a group child care centre. We will have 16 spaces for kids between 3-5 years, and eight spaces for kids between 12-36 months. 

Where is Wild Wapiti Playschool located?

Wild Wapiti Playschool is located on the 2nd floor of the Fernie Family Centre in downtown Fernie, on 4th Ave behind the City Hall. 

We have partnered with the Fernie Family Garden for our regular outdoor play space. The Fernie Family Garden is located behind the Family Centre, on the corner of 5th Ave and 4th St. It's a volunteer run community garden and we are excited to work together to develop the space further!

How can I support?

As we are a non-profit organization any monetary donations or gifts-in-kind are gratefully appreciated. Please send us an email ( to chat details. 

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