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Staff housing program

Fernie is an incredible place to call home... but it can be difficult to find that home.

Affordable and available housing is a well-known, ongoing municipal issue for Fernie. One of Wild Wapiti Playschool's goals is to attract educators (ECE/ECEAs) from outside of our community, in order to create new childcare spaces in the community.

Through our Staff Housing Program we aim to overcome the issue of finding accommodation for Wild Wapiti Playschool's educators. 

Wild Wapiti educators on a field trip. Mt Hosmer in the background

Connecting educators with a place to call home. 


How does it work?

Families willing to provide housing to educators from Wild Wapiti Playschool must complete our Staff Housing Program form. The details will be added to a Housing list. A Wild Wapiti Playschool educator requiring housing will be able to look at this list and can contact families regarding their proposed housing. 

A family will be given priority for child care spot(s) as per our Waitlist Policy once an agreement with an educator has been made and a lease signed. 

If, for any reason, the ECE/ECEA is no longer employed by Wild Wapiti Playschool, the child(ren) will hold their prioritized position on the waitlist in order to honour the original commitment of the family who provided housing.

Wild Wapiti Playschool will have no involvement with the lease or terms arranged between the landlord and tenant. Please review BC's Residential Tenancy Act to familiarize yourself with the regulations surrounding long-term rentals. 

For full details, please read our Waitlist policy.

Don't own a home?

We, at Wild Wapiti Playschool, recognizes that not all members of the Fernie community are home owners and thereby may not have access to the opportunities provided through this Staff Housing Program.

To rectify this, Wild Wapiti Playschool does not require that the family own the housing for it to be offered. Sub-leases or private rooms are acceptable under this Program, so long as the owner of the property has given written consent.


If you have any questions about the program, reach out to or send us a message